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...is an old printing press and one cartoonist based out of south Minneapolis.

Talk Weird Press (Caitlin S.)
2601 2nd Ave. S, #14, Minneapolis, MN, 55404
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Caitlin Skaalrud (or Caitlin S., Rosebud Skud)


I'd love to answer your snail mail, too!
Caitlin S.
301 W. 22nd St., #3  Minneapolis, MN, 55404

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  1. Hi Caitlin,
    I loved your post about your AB Dick and found it very informative. I'm an artist based in Los Angeles. My father ran a small printshop when I was a kid, so I grew up with many of these old presses. Last year he passed away leaving a treasure trove of equipment. I'm thinking about doing a project about his shop and these kind of small shops in LA , that are a dying breed. I'm looking for more information about these small printing machines and small print shops in general. If you have any leads, I'd be so thankful!
    Thank you and nice blog! my email is carolyncastano@gmail.com