Saturday, February 1, 2014

February Update

This has been a long winter. Let's hope for some goddamn springtime.

In updates, personally, I am doing three-elephant's-worth better than before. This time last year was the beginning of a long, slow rocky ride down, and here now I feel at least the ground underneath my feet.

News-wise, I was interviewed by the lovely ladies at LE SIGH a little while back, and they asked some wonderfully in-depth questions it was a joy to answer. Check it out.

Comics-wise, working on two different books has put me through my paces, and on both I've run smack dab into the seemingly mandatory crisis-of-faith right in the middle. Because of a change in my process for print quality's sake, I'm no longer inking straight on to the copy paper which I draw on (You read correctly - I said copy paper). Sort of begrudgingly going to blue-line onto bristol proper and ink with a big-boy brush and everything. Which means better quality, yes, but also strips me of some of the speed in working I'm used to. Speed, which, I suppose, I used to outstrip project fatigue in the past. If I was already done inking by the time the crisis-of-faith could catch up with me, well, then, there was no crisis to be had. That wily jerk.

But these pages feel good to me. Really, really good. Hopefully that translates to something that makes sense to the outside world and people outside of those whose language overlaps with mine, but that's gotta come after. The work's gotta come first.

With that, going to read some Peanuts then get back to it.

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